My Lamination Protocol

(This is not training document; this is designed for trained lash artist to use until they remember all the steps)

  1. Clean Lashes with 4 in cleansing foam, then wipe clean with damp compress.
  2. Apply glue on the bottom part of the shields
  3. Glue the shield on the eye lid
  4. Apply the glue to the pad of the shield and glue the lashes on the pad
  5. Apply Lifting cream stay 1mm -2mm away from the roots. depending how much
    of a lift you want to achieve apply the lotion on up to 70% of the lash
  6. Process for: 8-9 for sparse thin lashes
    10 -12 min for average lashes and
    13 min for healthy thick lashes
    14-15 min for red hair and extra thick and full lashes
  7. Using a dry cotton tip clean the solution off
  8. Apply Neutralizing cream
  9. Processing time for neutralising lotion is always ½ time of lifting lotion + 2min,
    apply to the tips of the lashes as well
  10. Using a clean dry cotton tip clean the solution off
  11. Apply lash tint (lashes are still on the pads)
  12. Process for 5min
  13. Remove the tint, dry cotton tip
  14. Apply Vitamin Lash Botox, stay 2mm form the roots and cover the full length of
    the lash from there, Lash Botox can be applied over the tint, just make sure you don’t put it on the roots, and work it in the tint.
  15. Leave on 5min
  16. Using a dry cotton tip clean the solution off
  17.  Apply Hydrating Serum, and keep brushing upwards as this will dissolve the glue and excess tint if there is any left
  18. Remove the shields and clean the eyes with dry cotton pads and re apply hydrating serum if needed (use hydrating serum to remove the glue from the eyelid and the back of the shield)

Post-Treatment in the first 12 hours(yes 12 hrs is all that’s needed with My
DO NOT wet the eyelashes.

  1. DO NOT rub the eyes, DO NOT touch the eyelashes with your hands.
  2. Sleep trying to prevent your eyes from touching the pillow.
  3. DO NOT use mechanical or heat eyelash curlers. They will snap the lash
  4. DO NOT use makeup remover.
  5. DO NOT use mascara.
  6. DO NOT do anything that produces moisture. (sauna, swimming pool, ironing,
    opening the dishwasher etc.)
  7. Avoid high temperatures (solarium, oven, stove, etc.)

Vitamin Lash serum home care can be applied the next morning.

Please note: Once opened please seal the packet with micropore tape or duct tape
and place in an airtight container. It will keep active for 8 weeks.